Meet Anders Nordahl from MixMove who is EGN’s Virtual member. He joined us in the early days of the pandemic and has been with us ever since.



Introducing Anders

Anders Nordahl is the COO Asia Pacific for If you don’t already know, is a company with award-winning software for logistics operations, making sure that goods are delivered to your customers at the right time and cost. 

Anders has been living in Singapore for almost six years now, since 2014. Following a five year stint with DB Schenker, Anders moved into the SaaS (Software as a Service) field. At this point, he felt that it was the perfect time to join EGN and he has been a member since March 2020.



Joining EGN

Anders joined EGN in the early days of the pandemic but he claimed that with or without pandemic, he was adamant to join us because we can give him access to talented people in our strong network of peers.

Before joining EGN, Anders did not have access to speakers so he often goes to conferences for networking. Not to mention, he had a hard time finding peer networking groups that appeal to him. Nevertheless, we are glad that Anders is now an EGN member and more importantly, he is seeing the value of our peer networking sessions.

To date, Anders has only joined our online sessions but it still worked to his advantage since he predominantly works from home, following 5 different time zones. According to him, daytime is usually his “free time” so joining the online peer networking sessions works out really well for him.

The thing that excites him the most about our online peer networking sessions is the quality of the speakers. He believes that a peer networking group is highly beneficial towards leaders and senior executives since they tend to get tunnel vision when they are overly exposed and occupied with their own organisation and its politics. He added that exposure to a network of leaders from SME’s to MNC’s will help open their minds and allow them to recalibrate their own ideas.


EGN provides a safe, professional and confidential community for those seeking solutions to their problems. The truth is, you can solve a problem in minutes if you speak to someone who has faced it and solved it before and EGN can help you with just that.

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