Why join EGN?

As a corporate executive or expert in your field, you are often the sole decision-maker in various aspects of your business such as key business strategies, implementations, objectives and management. You are also expected to continuously foster your leadership skills and bring meaningful insight to your team.

We understand the challenges that come with your position, which is why we have curated a secure space for professionals to gain insight and support in their respective roles.

We offer a secure forum that welcomes professionals like you. The goal of this network is to allow members to help each other overcome challenges and discover new opportunities.

You will get the chance to exchange ideas, feedback and opportunities with other professionals in your field. Expand your network, build credibility and strengthen your skills with us.

1. Personal match

You will be assigned to a peer group that is tailored specifically to your individual needs, goals and level of expertise. You will receive the right resources from people who match your professional discipline and goals.

2. A network built on mutual trust

The EGN peer group you are placed in is a highly classified forum in which all ideas and challenges can be addressed with peers at your own professional level. In order to maintain confidentiality, no competitors or significant customer relationships in the same group are permitted.

3. Facilitated by experts

All peer groups are supervised by a professional and experienced EGN Chair, who facilitates and mentors every individual within a peer group, to ensure output both at and between meetings as well as focusing on your professional and managerial development.

4. Global Community

Being a part of our community gives you direct access to top executives, business leaders and specialists in various parts of the world through our online Members’ Universe. Now you can seek information, take part in debates and network with more than 14,000 members from 15 countries.

Meet our members

EGN members consist of different walks of life, that come from different industries and cultural backgrounds. Connect with our list of representatives who will gladly demonstrate why and how they benefited from our community.

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More reasons to join EGN

Gain exclusive opportunities to hone your leadership skills, strengthen your professional toolbox, and gain new insights for the benefit of yourself and your company.

Become a member of EGN and have access to:

A worldwide network of peers

Be a part of a global network of leaders with a shared ambition of making each other better – every day.

Tailored peer groups

Your peer group is carefully curated by our specialised consultants to ensure you meet the right people.

Members’ Universe

This is an ever-growing community of 14,000 experts and it features a global query function, in-app messaging, virtual EGN groups and a major e-book library with approximately 200 resources.

Expert meeting design

All peer groups are facilitated by our experienced and continuously-trained EGN Chairs.


Get one-on-one coaching sessions from top executives as part of our Accelerator Programme*. 

* Not available in all markets.

In-between Jobs Scheme

If you are seeking a new career, you can continue your membership for a year while you use your network to find your next professional pursuit. For a modest fee, you can extend your membership for another 12 months. Additionally, In-between Job services are available in selected markets.

Grow with the Network

As you develop professionally, your needs may change. As a member of EGN, you can switch to another peer group that better matches your career challenges and needs at any time.

Exclusive events & seminars

Events and seminars are conducted in all markets to engage, learn and grow within and across the established peer network.

EGN insights

Gain access to our thought leadership insights which include e-books, learning tools, articles, member best practices and many more.

Business benefits

Upskill key employees, gain insights into the latest market trends and tools, as well as gain access to a confidential ‘board of advisors’ via each EGN group and a global pool of 14,000 experts.

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