What are the biggest legal pitfalls an SME can face

EGN invites you to join Business Owners/SME’s, Singapore 1 Peer Group Hybrid Meeting

Date/Time: Thursday, July 15th, 2021 at 8am-12pm
–    Physical: 8am Registration & temperature screening. 8.30am – 12pm meeting.
–    Virtual: 8am Zoom networking. 8.30am – 12pm meeting.

“What are the biggest legal pitfalls an SME can face, and how can they be managed or avoided” 

As an SME, or entrepreneur we are often watching our budgets and cash flow very closely. To the point where we are clearly avoiding unnecessary spend, and reducing where ever possible necessary spend. This creates a blind spot for all us, where key topics can fall into the gap and be missed. Legal issues and requirements are one of these, as they tend to be a very silent need until something really goes wrong.
However, setting this up properly from the beginning can have massive positive impacts on your business, and can be done in a cost effect or as needs basis. Unfortunately, knowing where to start, and what to target first, holds many business owners back, as they quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer choice, cost, and range of options. So even though all business owners know the value of good legal advice and support, it often gets left until it is absolutely necessary to engage someone or spend in this area. Leading to risk opening up, and potential complications that can become a crisis overnight.

In this meeting David Holloway will look at the just what can be done to help business owners succeed, and how you can tailor your knowledge to help you avoid some of the pitfalls. David is a highly qualified executive with over twenty years of international experience. Holding an MBA, an MFA, and Bachelor’s degrees in Law and Economics. He is also holds a Master Coaching Certificate and is a solicitor/attorney admitted to practice in three jurisdictions. He has a strong focus on Corporate Advisory work and Human Capital work.

Now more than ever it is crucial to allow a business to obtain all possible advantages, and understanding some keys tips to navigate the ever complex legal system is part of that. Finding the time and money to get this right is something all business owners regularly debate, and often put off to another day. Then regret! Join us to be given a great range of tips and ideas to effectively think about how to secure the legal aspects of your business.

After the presentation we will have time for Q&A into the key needs for your business and what can be achieved, to ensure you can take away as much as possible to support your business. This will be highly interactive, and I urge you to consider the key questions you would like to ask in advance and either send them to me for addition, or be prepared to place them on the chat function during the talk, so they can be easily answered during or at the end of the presentation.

I look forward to seeing you and hope that you join prepared to share your experience with your fellow members.  We expect that at the end of the session, you will take away some new insights and have some ideas and actions to take back into your business. If you have any questions or thoughts about how we can make this session even more impactful, please feel free to contact me.

Hybrid meeting instructions:
*This meeting will be conducted with the Hybrid model (members will participate either in person or virtually). Therefore, all participants who join in person must bring Laptop/Ipad plus the charger to dial in to zoom in the meeting.
*For Executive Members, you can choose to join in person or virtual when you register for this meeting. If you join in person choose “I will join in person”
*For Virtual Members, kindly sign in and choose “I will join virtually”. For Virtual members who want to join in person, kindly contact Dona to upgrade your membership.

COVID-19 Government Regulations for in person meeting:
– Safe Entry QR Code upon entry and registration.
– Mandatory temperature taking (Guests with a temperature more than >37.5° will be turned away).
– Face masks must be worn at all times.
– Maintain at least a 1m distance between yourself and others.
– If groups are used, then no more than 5 people per group with strictly no intermingling among other groups will apply.


8:00 am: Registration and temperature screening at venue (virtual networking on zoom)

8:30 am: Welcome - Update on EGN, group development and new members

9:00 am: Host Presentation - David Holloway- "Legal Tips, and traps to avoid' Note this presentation will include breakout sessions

10:00 am: Break

10:30 am: Part 2: Interactive review of legal issues by Andrew Mak Member Sharing session- Marcus Tan- Note this will include breakout sessions

11:30 am: Feedback and input for the next meetings

12:00 pm: Meeting close

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