Sustainability, the imperative & 4 ways to respond

EGN invites you to join EGN Regional Virtual Event: Sustainability, the imperative and 4 ways to respond: Which are you? by Joanne Flinn and Andy Wilson.

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Event starts at 3.30pm – 5.30pm.

Sustainability, the imperative and 4 ways to respond: Which are you? by Joanne Flinn and Andy Wilson

Just how far has the imperative for sustainability come? For some leaders and companies, it’s simply the way it is. Yet for others, environment, social and governance is new territory. Andy and Joanne went out to discover where things really are here in this part of the world. And what leaders are saying is important for sustainability now. In their research, they identified four different sustainability readiness profiles. One is high risk. Another is at very high risk. (Yes, we know. We’ll share all about those risks with you). And one profile that just might race ahead to define a green future.

Join in this business networking session where highlights of the Imperative of Sustainability Readiness Report (May 2022). We’ll be fast paced. You’ll connect with other interesting people like yourself. There will be case studies. And you’ll discover a whole lot more about sustainability readiness.

For you, we’ll get into Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and simplify the alphabet soup into what’s truly important for busines leaders. Both as human beings and as business executives. Personally, we think it’s great when we are both – so while this EGN Business networking session will be solidly grounded in data and insight, you’ll hear stories, gain insights and just may be have a laugh or two.

For the very business minded, we will look into hard facts, reporting and metrics as these are of increasing importance for every business who wishes to avoid being called out for Greenwashing. These may also help save you 4% on your cost of funds.

See you on the 14th August for this insightful, actionable and highly relevant business networking session. Where you’ll leave knowing what to look for, and where to act so that your business and your role is that much more sustainable.

About the Speakers:

Joanne Flinn

Joanne Flinn is the author of Greensight – the Sustainability Guide for Company Directors. She facilitates transition alignment to profit and sustainability goals.

Earlier to this, she was the Country Head of Financial Services Consulting PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thailand and Head of Change on the IT ExCo at DBS.
‘Elegant, firm and effective’
a global CEO

Joanne has a significant track record of building business by transforming the way they change for clients in every sector, across global, regional and local markets for over 30 years.
Co-founder of the Change Leaders at the University of Oxford, she has an exceptional understanding of business transformation, governance and executive performance. She integrates systems thinking, behavioural dynamics and financial performance to accelerate results.

Joanne has published multiple award winning books, regularly contributes to industry events, and is adjunct faculty at several universities.
She holds an MSc from HEC and a BEc/Llb from the University of Tasmania

Andy Wilson

Andy Wilson joined Ogilvy in January 2022 to lead their Sustainability Practice. He works with companies to shape environmentally and socially sustainable solutions and practices in the region.
Prior to that he was Chief Strategy Officer at BBDO Asia.

A visionary brand marketing leader, culture creator and organisation transformer, Andy has an exceptional track record of building business by transforming brands and internal cultures for clients in every sector, across global, regional and local markets for over 20 years.

He has a deep understanding of behavioural change; contemporary corporate culture, consumer psychology and neuroscience, combined with powerful and unique conceptual, creative and storytelling capabilities.
Andy has authored multiple thought leadership articles and papers and is a regular contributor to industry events, learning and development courses. He is one of the first accredited Fellows in Economics of Mutuality (Saïd  Business School, University of Oxford)

03.30 PM: Event starts. EGN introductions and speaker introductions
03.40 PM: Topic of the day
5.00 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
5.30 PM: Meeting end

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