Sales Leaders Virtual Open House

EGN invites you to join EGN Sales Leaders Virtual Open House

Date: Tuesday, September, 28 2021 from 4pm – 6pm.

Sales Leaders Virtual Open House

Sales Leaders face the task of continuing to drive growth for their business in a new and changing world. With so much business being conducted digitally, competition for prospects and customers has intensified tremendously.

This leaders briefing is for Sales Leaders who are searching for solutions to the business obstacles their teams face when trying to sell, manage their sales teams and grow business in this tough environment. The topics covered will include the greatest barriers to growing sales in this economy, why these things occur and some insights into how to overcome them. So, come and register yourself!

Who This Briefing is For:

Anyone based in Singapore whose primary responsibility is driving sales, business growth and leading business teams.

This briefing may be valuable for you and your team if you are someone who:

  • Is tired of hearing prospects tell your sales team that they are not interested in making any commitments until the economy improves.
  • Is frustrated by your team writing too many proposals and quotes and not winning the business.

  • Is tired of prospects telling your team at the end that they “just want to think it over”.

  • Is fed-up with prospects who don’t return calls AFTER they have your price and ideas.

  • Is concerned that all your team’s efforts to win a new client may just be unpaid consulting.

  • Suspects that prospects are using you to get a better deal from their existing supplier.

  • Tired of hiring salespeople who don’t actually sell.

 What You Will Learn

  •  How prospects gain the upper hand on you during the sales process.

  •  Why traditional sales approaches turn you into an unpaid consultant.

  •  How prospects use your proposals to negotiate better deals elsewhere.

  •  Why most prospecting methods are ineffective.

  •  How to avoid wasting time preparing proposals that won’t win any business.

  •  Why your challenges with Time Management might actually be something else.

The second part of the event will be a discussion session on the value of peer networks and how having a strong peer network can help you survive and thrive. There will be opportunities for participants to network, meet each other and exchange ideas.

Take a positive step to expand your knowledge and your network.

About the Speaker:

1. Andrew Shuttleworth Head of Business Development at Agorize

Andrew is helping companies innovate by providing a platform and services for team members to collaborate or connect them with with startups, developers and students.

2. Vimal Rai, Digital Sales and Marketing Consultant

From the age of 10 when Vimal wrote my first script to acting and singing, playing football, and eventually specialising in Poli Sci in Uni, he has always relished change (even if I didn’t recognise it as that) and the opportunities it offered. Professionally, he was moulded by the best airlines in the world. Along the way, there were a few constants in my life that kept teaching me many valuable lessons – travelling, living in 7 different cities across Europe and Asia and discovering different cultures, forging intense friendships, exciting discoveries in new lands, delicious cuisines and music – always mesmerised by a good tune and rhythm.

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