Pitch Perfect: Why aren’t you smashing more pitches?

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event: Pitch Perfect: Why aren’t you smashing more pitches? by Paul Regan.

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 8am – 10am

Pitch Perfect: Why aren’t you smashing more pitches?
You’re talented. You can do the business. You know you can deliver. But something’s not working. Let’s run a diagnostic on your pitch process will dramatically improve your career, make you a lot of money and change your life for the better.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in the event:
⚡️ The easy way to frame your pitch so that clients will buy you.
⚡️ The secret to choosing the angle for your presentation.
⚡️ Why hot cognition is the best way to convert new clients… the surprising (& simple) thing you need to do.
⚡️ How to go from a fear that ‘no one wants to hire me’ to feeling classy and confident.
⚡️ You’ll leave feeling clear, confident and ready to deliver great pitches that convert.
Let’s get your mindset and pitch game together and start 2022 strong.

About the Speaker: Paul Regan, AUTHOR, SPEAKER, ADVISOR – GHOST GLOBAL
Paul is a Pitch Specialist & Mentor, New Business Strategist. He helps TVC directors and production houses to create a pipeline to win one more pitch a month. Paul makes ideas sexy that creates IMPACT and INCOME for my clients. £500M worth of pitches won for A-list directors and EP’s over the last 10 years. How? He writes and designs powerful and persuasive director’s treatments that win pitches. If you’re fed up with wasting time and money losing pitches, sit back and relax.

08.00 AM: Networking/ Registration
08.30 AM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
08.35 AM: Pitch Perfect: Why aren’t you smashing more pitches?
09.35 AM: Q & A and key takeaways
09.55 AM: Meeting end

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