Finance Leaders 2 Peer Group Kick off Meeting

EGN invites you to join Finance Leaders, Singapore 2 Peer Group Kick off Meeting

Date/Time: Friday, June 25th, 2021 at 8am Networking, 8.30am – 12.00pm Peer Group Meeting.

EGN Finance Leaders, Singapore 2 Kick Off Meeting 

We are going to greet you in person for our Finance Leaders 2 Kick off Meeting, where we will set our group up for success. At this first meeting we really want to ensure that we use your time and participation to make the group a success for you, and for all our members. So you are going to meet most of your peers face to face, and that we have the opportunity to discuss and agree how we will work together in the future so you can really get the most out of being part of EGN.

This is also our opportunity to identify the most relevant topics for discussion at future meetings, while also setting up clear expectations for the group and for you. We will share some topic ideas before the meeting in order to provide some ‘food for thought’ so we are all prepared for a valuable discussion.

Please be prepared to speak briefly (3 mins max) about your expertise and your key challenges. This is not just about networking, but is a valuable opportunity for you to define what you expect from the group, and how you can help, or benefit, from other members and their experiences.

Please bring with you any topics you would like the group to focus on and be ready to introduce them briefly. I look forward to seeing you, at what will be a highly interactive and stimulating morning of introductions, networking, and focus-building.

This is a slightly new departure and we are looking forward to hearing from volunteers and seeing you virtually on 1st. Be prepared to share your experience with your fellow members.

COVID-19 Government Regulations for in person meeting:
– Safe Entry QR Code upon entry and registration.
– Mandatory temperature taking (Guests with a temperature more than >37.5° will be turned away).
– Face masks must be worn at all times.
– Maintain at least a 1m distance between yourself and others.


8:00 am: Welcome, Member Networking

8:30 am: EGN news, Introduction of new members, speed dating breakouts

9:00 am: Hot Seat session intro - how it works, meet your coaches

9:15 am: Breakout into panels

10:25 am: Reconvene for debrief by coaches and panelists

10:40 am: Updates and future topics

10:55 am: Meeting close