From Carrot & Stick to Motivation & Gamification

EGN invites you to join EGN Regional Virtual Event: The Sales Evolution: From Carrot & Stick to Motivation & Gamification by Nuno Pereira

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 20, 2022. Networking at 3pm. Event starts at 3.30pm – 5.30pm.

The Sales Evolution: From Carrot & Stick to Motivation & Gamification

The more emotionally engaged you are with an organization the better you’ll perform, and your sales team is no different. Although every sales team is unique and deals with their own challenges, productivity and performance are always important to leadership. Managers are always looking for new tools to make their sales data more transparent across teams, more visual, and more responsive.

In order to fully unlock your sales team’s potential, you need to understand the psychology behind sales and what really motivates your team. Are you trying to push your team forward with the carrot or the stick? What if individual performance data were available and peers could celebrate each other’s achievements, from the small day to day goals to long term targets?

Learn how gamification can get your sales team engaged and impact sales culture, motivation, and talent retention for everyone from your top performers to your freshest hire.

In this session you’ll learn what gamification is and how it improves sales team motivation, engagement and talent retention

About the Speaker: Nuno Pereira

Originally from Portugal, based out of Singapore since 2013, I’ve been working in the region to implement an organic and sustainable growth strategy (Sales and Marketing) to develop the business within the region.

Innovation, Disruption and Technology always excited and drive me in my 20+ years of experience in Enterprise Software Sales. Lately, focus on the evolution of Sales Function thru time, since the 80’s to present days.

I’m passioned about sports (especially team sports like football and handball) but I’m always open for a new challenge. I’m also a big fan of crossfit because of the intensity and diversity of the sessions challenging myself to do better every day.

03.00 PM: Registration
03.30 PM: Event starts. EGN introductions and speaker introductions
03.40 PM: Purpose & Impact – Transforming organisations into future focused, profitable forces of positive change by Rahul Malhotra
05.00 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
05.30 PM: Meeting end

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