Crucial Conversations: How well do you handle disagreements and high-stakes communications? by Jeremy Gray

EGN Invites you to EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event: Crucial Conversations. How well do you handle disagreements and high-stakes communications? by Jeremy Gray

Date/Time: Wednesday, December 1, 2021. 4pm networking. 4.30pm – 6pm interactive workshop.

Difficult Conversations How well do you handle disagreements and high-stakes communications
Difficult conversations occur when there are differences of opinions, the stakes are high, and emotions are running strong. When faced with a difficult conversation there are three options:
1. You can avoid them.
2. You can face up to them but handle the conversation poorly.
3. You face them and handle them well.

All too rarely do most people handle difficult conversations well. But it’s not your fault. Evolution has not prepared you for such a situation. Your genetic make up has conditioned you to handle difficult conversations by standing and fighting or using fleetness of foot to run away.

By understanding some simple but effective techniques you can improve your ability to handle to difficult situations. We will discuss:

  • How to recognize when a conversation in turning difficult.
  • Ways to avoid threatening situations.
  • Understand when others are feeling threatened.
  • How to use your emotions to deliver a better outcome.
  • The power of storytelling.

Research has shown that companies and individuals who handle difficult conversations well can react faster, reduce costs, and have better careers.

About the speaker: Jeremy Gray

Jeremy has over 35 years experience in senior Finance roles and General Management based in Europe, USA and most recently Asia. His career has been mainly in the Chemicals and Mining sectors. He was the CFO/COO for the Asia Pacific region of W. R. Grace Construction Products responsible for setting the business strategy, FP&A and M&A activities.

As a General Manager his focus on growth strategies enabled businesses under his management to consistently beat market growth in Asia and North America. He also launched a successful green field business in Germany.   Often asked to act as the general manager of troubled operations Jeremy has taken loss making businesses to profitability in the USA, China, Korea and Japan.

More recently Jeremy has focused on entrepreneurial and SME businesses. He has helped businesses in diverse industries including Dentistry and Computer Animation. He supports SME owners with revenue and profit enhancement programs and strategic development.

Jeremy has a weekly show Practical Solutions to Difficult problems on during which he covers topics of interest to entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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