Design Thinking for Innovation by Christoffer Erichsen.

EGN invites you to join EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event: Design Thinking for Innovation by Christoffer Erichsen.

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 27, 2022. 4pm networking. 4.30pm – 6pm interactive workshop.

Design Thinking for Innovation

Join Christoffer Erichnsen, the Founding Partner of Human Inc as he chats about Design Thinking for Innovation. Chris has 25+ years of experience in the intersection of strategy, innovation and design working with large global brands in verticals such as finance, logistics, airlines, telecommunications and energy.

This 60mins interactive and business relevant webinar will help you unlock your creativity to unleash new ways of working and collaborating in your daily work.

Join the event if you’d like to:
1. Understand the value of customer research in solving work-related problems.
2. Discover the relationship between human-centered design practices and creating innovative user experiences and products.
3. Connect the dots between the collaboration experience and creative problem solving in teams.
4. Learn how top companies fail forward by using experimentation to validate an idea’s value proposition and potential impact.

About the speaker: Christoffer Erichsen, founding partner at Human Inc.
Founding Partner and CEO of Human Inc, an innovation house on a mission to “help companies win through innovation, culture & future skills”, Chris has over 20 years of experience in the intersection of strategy, innovation and design. Through his work in Human Inc, he has powered 100+ global brands to drive sustainable business model innovation launching 200+ new products and services, delivering delightful customer experiences and certified more than 15,000 design thinkers and agile leaders

04.00 PM: Networking/ Registration
04.30 PM: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction
05.35 PM: Design Thinking for Innovation.
05.35 PM: Q & A and key takeaways
05.55 PM: Meeting end

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