Compliance in Indonesia: Doing the right thing

EGN invites you to join EGN Regional In Person Event: Compliance in Indonesia: Doing the right thing by Miguel Latorre

Date and Time: Wednesday 28th September 2022, at 8am – 10am

Compliance in Indonesia: Doing the right thing by Miguel Latorre

In Indonesia, regulatory compliance is dealt with in a variety of laws and is overseen by various Ministries. With the absence of a unifying legal instrument governing compliance in Indonesia, many companies face difficulties in staying up to date with the ever changing regulatory requirements, Foreign Investment companies and Domestic entities alike. Miguel will update us on the key happenings and trends for Regulatory Compliance.

About the speaker: Miguel Latorre, Managing Director, VISTRA Indonesia & Malaysia

Miguel has worked in a range of consulting, corporate strategy and strategic business development roles in a career that has taken him throughout Asia Pacific and Europe, including Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Australia and Indonesia.

In 2013, Miguel co-founded the market entry company Global Expandia, acquired by Vistra in March 2018. With his profound understanding of the international expansion business in Asia, Miguel Supported hundreds of companies (MNCs, SMEs) in their expansion into Indonesia.

Miguel is a startup mentor at Plug & Play and Antler, and a Lecturer at Atma Jaya University. He holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and International Relations from Boston University. Furthermore, Miguel has attended the executive programs from Harvard University.

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