Chasing Balance: The Enigma of our Time or Life

EGN Invites you to join EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event: Chasing Balance: The Enigma of Life by Kevin Cottam.

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 6, 2021. 4pm networking. 4.30pm – 6pm interactive workshop.

Chasing Balance: The Enigma of Life

Albert Einstein once said, ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you need to keep moving.’  Everything in the universe including you, your organisation, societies, relationships, you name it, is about movement and movement is energy. Energy is what drives your mindsets, choices, perspective and more. The invitation, here, is then to reframe balance as movement energy and how you are spending your most precious currency. This inspire you to do an energy audit and create new practices, choices and processes.

In today’s new future, as you wait for the vaccines and hope for a new way forward, the way you balance your energy capacities (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social) and hence your thoughts, activities, duties is now more important than before as we are learning how to be in this age of evolution.

In this, EGN Cross Functional Virtual Event, you are going to go on a nomadic journey that focuses on looking at balance from the perspective of energy, movement and your choices, as if it was your bank account. Through polls, break-out rooms, chats, surprise activities and a few prizes, your journey is to open your mind, do an energy audit, commit to manifesting one action within 24 hours after this event and at the same time finding practical ways forward to balance your energy bank account.

Some take-aways

  • Discover a more holistic and sustainable way to look at how you balance your energy and movement
  • Start your energy audit
  • Uncover your dominant mindset
  • Experience practical ways to energize and yourself, your employees and your meetings
  • Feel a deeper sense of calm and balanced energy


About the speaker:

Kevin Cottam, BSc, PCC Global Nomad, Speaker, Executive Coach, Author

In 2017, Kevin Cottam, Canadian TEDx speaker, executive coach, author and former elite figure skating choreographer to World and Olympic Champions went on a world tour researching ancient nomadic leadership wisdom and interviewing executives to determine what is The Nomadic Mindset.

Kevin’s non-conformist and Zen like quiet authority, powerful presence, and unique global-living experiences captivates and inspires his audiences to Never Settle… for Too Long and step into their courage and values that leaders and managers can learn from semi-nomadic tribes in Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco.

When feeling confused, weary or lost, you learn from The Nomadic Mindset, a powerful set of attitudes and strategies, based in the intelligence of the nomad that lives within everyone. At the time when everything changing so drastically, finding a balance and MovingON, it is not about running away or escaping, it is running towards your learning, growth and expressing your excellence so you can thrive.

‘Thank you so much Kevin. An inspiring webinar full of refreshing ideas on Nomadic mindset. My key takeaway is “Thinking vastly, acting narrowly” as real nomads say! ‘Emmanuelle Soulas-Noyoux, HR Project Management


4:00 pm: Networking/ Registration

4:30 pm: Webinar start. EGN introductions and speaker introduction

4:35 pm: Chasing Balance: The Enigma of Life by Kevin Cottam

5:35 pm: Q & A and key takeaways

5:55 pm: Meeting end