Indonesia seems to be such a big economy going forward, and also the learning mindset of executives is very attractive.

In this article published by, Nick Jonsson, the Managing Director of EGN Singapore and EGN Indonesia, expressed his intention to build a lasting and sustainable connection with member CEOs and executives, whose number has currently reached nearly 15 thousand worldwide by opening EGN Indonesia.

Representing more than 8 thousand companies and 70 professions from 14 countries, EGN offers senior executives the opportunity to connect with other markets and industry leaders, learn outside their normal environment, and strengthen their leadership system, while proving that there is a safe space for learning, collaboration, and accountability, he explained.

Initially, Nick Jonsson has been an MD of EGN Singapore. As a business networking organization, the main value of the organization’s proposition is in the creation of authentic business relationships via networking events and peer group meetings. The business successes garnered from the networking opportunities created have been invaluable to our more than 600+ members across Singapore.

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