2020 has been a year of change, but it also opened up opportunities to anyone who can see them and that includes EGN. It is with great pleasure that we announce that with the agreement of EGN Group, Nick Jonsson and Dona Amelia have teamed up with EGN member AJ Boelens to purchase the franchise rights for EGN Singapore

The new owners and EGN Group are all excited about this new opportunity and looking forward to working even closer with you in the future, while at the same time remaining part of the global EGN network and concept.

Contact Nick today if you wish to join one of the confidential peer groups for Senior Executives.

We are also very happy to introduce some adjustments and “upgrades” to your EGN membership.

  • More peer group meetings – Since March, all meetings have been moved online. We have increased from 5 peer group meetings per year to 12 per year for each group. Presently all 12 meetings are conducted online but as soon as we can legally meet in person again, a hybrid model would be introduced with 6 meetings in person and 6 online meetings per peer group per year. Hence, doubling the number of meetings in your group per year.
  • More cross-functional meetings – The profound shift of communication to an online environment we quickly adapted has allowed us to run weekly cross-functional webinars. The plan is to maintain at least two cross-functional events per month, one in person and one online.
  • Global webinars – A greater range of speakers from all parts of the world would be introduced due to the shift to the online world.
  • Weekly “Knowledge Sharing call” – held on Tuesdays 10 am – 11 am (networking from 9.30 am). This is a cross-group call for all EGN APAC members.
  • Additional Chairs – We have recruited new Chairs and are also still on the lookout for even more chairs, the addition of these activities/events has substantially increased the workload of all EGN staff. Please let Nick know if you know someone suitable or if you are interested in facilitating a peer group yourself. EGN is preparing to grow the network with additional peer groups this year (currently 9 peer groups and the target is 12 groups by end of 2020). The current chairs will also focus on fewer groups each so some of the existing groups will have new chairs, including EL3 and EL4 that are currently run by Mette who will focus on EL1 instead. To our delight, we are happy to announce that EL3 will be now Chaired by Ricky Foo and EL4 by Stijn Welkers.
  • Flexible Membership Payment terms have been introduced to support members whose cash flow is challenged now and may struggle to settle the SGD 3,960 membership invoice in one go. Your membership may be paid in two invoices, quarterly or even monthly which may make it easier for you to pay since you can claim the membership fee on your expense account instead of going through all internal approval systems. If you need further support, you can speak with Siti. ([email protected]). 
  • Pricing Strategy – While it is a challenging business environment, EGN has decided not to offer discounts on memberships but rather further enhance the existing membership value through the additional offerings mentioned above.
  • Check-ins –  If you are a member, you are invited to a one-on-one call with Nick. If you have not yet taken advantage of such an opportunity, you can schedule it via the links at the bottom of this article.

The new EGN owners’ team is looking forward to seeing you virtually in upcoming webinars and knowledge-sharing sessions. If it is safe and we are permitted to do so, Nick would be delighted to see you for lunch or coffee. Until then, stay home, stay safe and stay connected with your fellow members.

Nick Jonsson, Managing Director &
Jonatan Persson, EGN Group CEO

Schedule a one-on-one call with Nick: https://calendly.com/nickjonsson/15minconsult?month=2021-01

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/nickjonsson_egn-egnsingapore-peergroup-activity-6662859985703313408-rvdA